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This follows the story of a young (24) diver, who decides to jump into the unknown, to explore his deepest darkest fears, in hopes to unveil something beautifully relevant to his life. What he discovers, surprises him, but ends in a complete and utter chaos.

This short storyboard explores the thought of fighting your own inner demons, in a suburban nightmare, the character is taken hold from the throat, and thrown into the ground, unable to struggle back against his foe. But he will fight back.

Goodbye Hell, is the story of Lucy, (25), saving the day against Lilith, the mother of darkness and terror, to save her very close friend Theo from the grips of this seductive demon. She annihilates the foe with a quiet yet deadly speed, destroying her in a far more cataclysmic way. In her efforts, she is proud, looking back at defeated Theo, of how strong she has gotten.

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